So, this president walks onto a stage…

So, this president walks onto a stage… (think set up for a punchline).

It’s Saturday night in Washington, D.C.  It’s a big award ceremony hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus Association.

President Joe Biden cautiously pads to the podium and stands before members of Congress and VIP guests after being introduced by the queen of cackle, Vice President, Kamala Harris.

Ignoring the teleprompter, the President speaks.  Behind the scenes his aides likely cringe. Biden’s off the cuff moments don’t usually end well–never have actually.

“Thank you, Kamala, for that introduction, and, even more importantly, for your partnership, because it is a partnership.”

Then comes the flub.

“Isn’t she doing an incredible job?  Not a joke.”

Obvious translation?  Some people think she’s a joke.

Nothing like a little insult humor to kick off your spiel, Mr. President.

Kamala should have turned this moment into a comedy duo. She could have slyly edged up to the podium, presented her toothy grin, and said something cute like,

“You know, Joe, when you leave this office to me (pause)…

“We all know you’re going to go far.

“And I hope you’ll stay there.”


Now that would be hilarious!


Brian Sussman

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