More Proof: Biden Committing to World War

If you thought my last post was a stretch when I stated that the Biden White House is possibly arranging for a World War, the latest commentary by longtime political analyst Patrick J. Buchanan underscores my concern.

Writes Buchanan, “If China invades Taiwan to unify it with the mainland, the United States will go to war to defend Taiwan and send U.S. troops to fight the invaders.”

Buchanan isn’t opining. He’s essentially quoting Joe Biden!

Buchanan tells us:

Asked by CBS’s Scott Pelley on “60 Minutes” if the U.S. would fight in defense of Taiwan if China invaded, Biden replied, “Yes, if, in fact, there was an unprecedented attack.”

Pelley followed up: “So, unlike Ukraine, to be clear, sir, U.S. forces — U.S. men and women — would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion.”

“Yes,” Biden responded.

Friends, listen up. This is the fourth time in his presidency that Biden has said the U.S. will fight for Taiwan, and that could mean all-out war with China–China claims Taiwan as its sovereign territory.

Buchanan notes the previous statements made by Biden”

In August 2021, Biden declared, “We made a sacred commitment to Article 5 that if in fact anyone were to invade or take action against our NATO allies, we would respond. … Same with Japan, same with South Korea, same with — Taiwan.”

In October 2021, Biden was again asked: “China just tested a hypersonic missile. What will you do to keep up with them militarily, and can you vow to protect Taiwan?”

Biden’s response: “Yes and yes.”

In a follow-up, Biden was asked again, “So are you saying that the United States would come to Taiwan’s defense if China attacked?”

Biden: “Yes, yes, we have a commitment to do that.”

Yet we have no such commitment, no such obligation, though Biden appeared to be establishing one as head of government, head of state and commander in chief.

In May, Biden was asked, “Are you willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan if it comes to that?”

Biden: “Yes.”

Question: “You are?”

Biden: “That’s the commitment we made.”

This is not conspiracy talk. This is the kind of stuff that should get us on our knees to pray.


Brian Sussman

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