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I thrilled to announce that my new book, Climate Cult: Exposing and Defeating Their War on Life, Liberty, and Property is now available!

The book has been produced in all formats; I even narrated the audio version.

Climate Cult is a must-read. I not only refute the weak global warming scare theory, but I clearly illustrated why the climate agenda is so dangerous to civilization. It is designed to make lots of money for some, provide lifetime employment for others, and turn America’s electrical grid into that which is found in a Third World nation. Imagine people dying of hypothermia because their power was knocked out during a winter storm? Imagine young couples deciding not to have children because they have been compelled to keep their carbon footprint as tiny as possible?

Simultaneously, the scheme will dismantle American liberty and further allow Marxism to deepen its roots in Washington DC.  Meantime, the world’s elite will relish the fact that we, the lesser-minded, will finally be under their control and out of their way as they live in the lap of luxury.

The graphic you see in this post is one of the first pages in Climate Cult. It’s an endorsement from the former Director of the National Hurricane Center, Dr. Neil Frank.

Brian Sussman

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