COVID Mask INSANITY: observations from my walk on the beach

I just returned from a walk on the beach. It’s a delightful day in my part of California–sunny, with a  gentle westerly breeze, blowing in from the Pacific Ocean. The beach I was on is a half-mile long and in some spots a hundred yard deep. All tallied there may have been 200 others on the beach with me. Given the amount of shoreline, that’s not many people. Plus, given that the Pacific is the earth’s largest body of water and the air was flowing in off the ocean, we could argue that this is the purest air on the planet.

And yet, what did I see?


There was the group of thirty-something women seated in a circle on low beach chairs, carefully socially distanced. They were about 30-yards from the water’s edge. THEY WERE WEARING MASKS.

There was the mom walking at the edge of the water with her infant. BOTH WERE WEARING MASKS.

There was a five or six year old child wearing a wetsuit, splashing around in the break water–WITH A WET MASK ON.

I saw two twenty-somthing women with masks, talking 10-yards from the water. They were holding to-go coffee cups and wore masks. Of course they slipped the masks below their chins every time they took a sip.

I witnessed a jogger, running in the hard, wet sand adjacent the break, breathing in oxygen, THROUGH A MASK.

And then there were young ladies playing doubles beach volleyball. They were darn good too. None were wearing masks but I couldn’t help notice that after each point the scoring duo WOULD TRADE VIRTUAL HIGH-FIVES. Never mind that they’ve all been touching the same ball, complete with sweat and droplets of spittle, but when it came to a congratulatory high-five they had to pretend.

And then, at the nearby restaurant I saw dozens of people having lunch outdoors, maskless, close together at tables, while people walked on the nearby sidewalk with masks on.

Friends. this is not science-based COVID precaution. This is blindly accepting the new government mandated social behavior designed to test how easy it is to control the masses.

And it seems to be working very well.




Brian Sussman

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