Democrat Party policies have created modern plantations

Democrat party policies have created modern plantations.

These plantations don’t grow crops—they grow VOTES. They’ve harvested the votes of minorities for decades in return for welfare…and misery.

Addiction, violence, heartache, despair and slums are the lasting legacy of the democrats.

Sadly (and sickeningly) a host of naive evangelicals have given the donkey party their support and are voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. By the way, Kamala’s parents were radical activists who whole heartedly supported the Black Panthers in Oakland when she was a little kid.

If these Christians (who are joining the side of leftist radicals) really want to destroy racism, then let them pull it out by the roots. In the world of politics, racism is lying to a public year after year after misappropriating the taxpayers dollars raised in the name of minority justice.

Racism is distracting people from advancing by constantly reminding them they are victims and giving them a trickle of freebies in return.

Racism is perpetuating the myth of white supremacy in a nation that elected a black man President, not once, but twice.

Why would any thinking person (let alone a moral a moral one) vote to continue this evil racist machine?

And, by giving the democrats their support they are also backing the gruesome practice of abortion at all stages of pre-birth.

Additionally, can any Christian look at the spectacular longterm failures of Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis and vote to promote and perpetuate this organized evil?

Wake up my comatose brethren!

Brian Sussman

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