Green College Degrees and Phony Climate Calamities


This article was originally posted at American Thinker.

Last week an Associated Press headline declared, “Graduating seniors seek degrees in climate change and more US universities deliver.”   Keep in mind the AP, which feeds stories to news publications around the world, was given an $8 million grant in 2022 to promote the theory of human-caused climate change in its daily coverage. The media giant’s funding came from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Quadrivium, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Walton Family Foundation. In announcing the gift, the AP said it would be hiring twenty environmental reporters to “enhance the global understanding of climate change and its impact across the world.”

The AP’s climate desk isn’t staffed by journalists. These are activists bent on shaping opinions that are short on science and long on instilling fear.

The story includes an interview with Professor Megan Latshaw, who runs Johns Hopkins University’s Environmental Health and Engineering department.  “It’s the flooding. It’s the heat waves. It’s the wildfires,” she says. “It’s the air pollution that’s generated when we’re burning fossil fuels. It’s allergies. It’s water scarcity, and people who may have to flee where they’ve lived for their entire life.”

The professor provided the AP with a typical phony climate calamity talk track.

In my new book Climate Cult: Exposing and Defeating Their Was on Life, Liberty, and Property, I accurately address all of the phenomena highlighted by Latshaw.

First there has always been flooding. Traditional history from ancient Greece, China, Siberia, and even the Pawnee Tribe in Nebraska, all speak of a cataclysmic flood taking place about the same time as Noah’s deluge in the book of Genesis. In modern times, the worst flood on record occurred in 1931 in China, when torrential rains caused the Yangtze River to overflow, resulting in an estimated death toll of up to four million.

As for Latshaw’s heat waves, those too have always been. In fact, the decade of the 1930s was the hottest on record for many regions around the world, including China and the United States. In fact, record high temperatures for nineteen states were established in the Thirties, including 121ºF at Steele, North Dakota, on July 6, 1936.

You can’t blame the Yangtze flood and those temperature records on industrialization and carbon dioxide emissions.

Then there are the wildfires. They are more numerous than ever, but not because of fossil fuels and global warming. Fires have become frequent because of the predominant “earth first” attitude embraced by the federal government and most state agencies. No longer are our forests and wildlands provided with proper care and stewardship. Instead, a preservationist philosophy has been put in place allowing our natural habitat to grow wildly out of control, providing insane amounts of fuel when fires do occur.

Pollution from fossil fuels is troublesome, but not in the United States. We are the poster child for cleaning our skies. Was Latshaw implying carbon dioxide is a pollutant? Shame on her if she was, as CO2 is a necessary component for life on Earth.

Throwing allergies into the list of woes is a plain laugher. Will dry skin be next?

As for water scarcities, this too is the result of the preservationist mentality. Environmentalists despise dams and reservoirs because they are not natural. This is why so many dams are being torn down in the US. As a result, growing population centers have less water available for residents. These water shortages are the byproduct of environmental activists getting a seat at the municipal planning table.

As for the high school seniors looking to get degrees in climate change related fields, there actually is a growing job market for such academic diplomas. The federal government and the blue states employ thousands of well-indoctrinated green citizens for their climate offices, departments, and agencies, with much of the new funding coming from Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act which provides $250 billion greenbacks to deliver subversive propaganda.

Brian Sussman

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