I Could Have Voted Twice (and might have anyway)

Just got back from voting early here in California and I’m rather shocked to see how sloppy the system is.

First of all, several years ago my primary residence changed from another county. Despite the fact that I have tried numerous times to expunge my name from that country’s voter rolls it obviously has never happened. Fortunately I was able to get the ballot before someone else did–since ID is not necessary, someone could have voted in my name.

Meantime, I have been registered in my current county for a few years now.  However, here it is a few days before the election I have nave yet to receive my ballot in the mail. So, I went to the County Building and explained my situation, I even brought the old ballot in from the other County.

Before I go further, let me also mention that I went to the County Building with three other ballots: my in-laws (both 95), and a family member who is out of the country. In accordance with California law they all gave permission for me to drop off their ballots, stating my relationship to them. I also had to sign the envelope in which their ballots were enclosed. However, upon getting to the County Building I was directed to a drop box where I just dropped the precious ballots in. I asked, “Does anyone want to verify who I am?” Wasn’t necessary I was told. I was figuring someone would want to check my ID to make sure I was the guy who had permission to drop off these precious ballots for others.


Okay, that’s a potential recipe for fraud.

Back in the County Building, after to explaining to a bureaucrat that I never received my ballot, she looked me up on the rolls. I was told my ballot was sent a few weeks ago, but obviously I never got it (there was no way to check if someone had already voted in my name). Instead, she gave me a provisional ballot and directed me to a voting booth. I filled my ballot out, signed it, and walked over to a wooden ballot box manned by another bureaucrat. He told me to tear the receipt off the bottom of the ballot and slide the ballot into the box. I did so and in return he presented me with an “I Voted” sticker.

All I can do at this point is hope my ballot makes it into the counting machine. I also hope someone didn’t steal my original ballot and use it to vote in my name.  I also hope the voting machines are legit.

And to think I could have voted twice!

In the meantime, I’ve got sticker.

Voting in this state is like religion, it requires a lot of faith.

Brian Sussman

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