Limbaugh: the man who launched a movement

Rush Limbaugh has lost his battle with cancer.

The first time I heard Rush was on KGO in San Francisco. It was 1988. If I remember correctly Rush’s new syndicated show was broadcast out of Sacramento five days a week. KGO was running a replay of one of his shows on either Saturday or Sunday.

I was working in television in San Francisco (KPIX) and part-time for CBS in New York. I was stunned as I listened to the radio. It was as if Rush was saying what I had always been thinking!

Actually, given the year, I couldn’t believe someone could get away with the truth that this guy was throwing out. It was sooo politically incorrect.

Eventually, like probably hundreds of other wannabe local radio talk show hosts, his presence on the radio made me want to try my hand at this new type of show.  For me, that wouldn’t occur for another 13-years.

Michael Savage hit the local San Francisco airwaves with his brand of conservative radio in about 1994, also on KGO (by this time Rush had moved to KNBR in San Francisco and later to the station I eventually worked for, KSFO, in about 1998).

Between Rush and Savage my conservative opinions and thoughts about how to do talk radio were fashioned.

Rush was a mighty force in American conservatism, in fact the mightiest. He brought to the public sphere commentary and information that our representatives in elected office were incapable to putting forth. Rush spawned the proliferation of thousands of conservative radio shows, both on broadcast radio and Internet. For crying out loud, without Rush, Fox News wouldn’t even be a glint in the eye of Rupert Murdoch.

I heard that in recent years Rush repented of his sins (whatever those may have entailed) and turned his life over to the Lord and Messiah Jesus.


Looking forward to talking with him in Eternity.

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Brian Sussman

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  1. Gail Watkins says

    Amen and amen, Rush.

    Brian, from the ‘80’s, whenever I could, my radio was tuned to KSFO, so, as the years passed I listened to The Morning Show and then Rush. It gave me the sense that my conservative views were valid, living my whole life in a sometimes conservative, but mostly liberal California. When you had to retire, I was devastated, and now with Rush’s passing, though expected, know that talk radio will never be the same.

    • Brian Sussman says

      We all had a year to prepare for Rush’s departure, both from radio and this life.
      He was a great patriot and one heckuva radio talent.
      “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known,” 1 Corinthian 13:12.

  2. Chris says

    Brian . . .

    When you left KSFO I felt sucker-punched. I felt like I lost a friend.

    The loss of Rush Limbaugh, today, is crushing. I have spent 15 hours a week for 30 years with him. I cling to Psalm 73:26.

    I will now hang up on myself.

    • Brian Sussman says

      Thanks for the kind words, Chris.
      Talk radio will never be the same.
      I think I’ll pu together a podcast (Hidden Headlines) tomorrow regarding Rush’s passing. I have some never before told local insight.
      I will now hangout up on MYSELF.


  3. Pamela Airey says

    Brian Thankyou for the kind and clear voice about Rush. We miss you here in SFO your humor and insight. With out Rush I simple quail at what will happen politically speaking. He was our backbone. May God bless him and I truly hope you are feeling strong enough to join the fight against liberal madness.

    • Brian Sussman says

      Thanks, Pamela.
      He was the anchor of every conservative radio station in the country./
      Wow, will he be missed.

  4. Antoinette Remlinger says

    What I miss most about the “old” KSFO is the local feedback. The oh so knowledgeable listeners who had so much insight on what was happening. During the fires we got firsthand info from responders and victims. I can only imagine how much we could have been helped through the economic and health attacks that we currently are experiencing. What a loss for the Bay Area locals.

    • Brian Sussman says

      Antoinette (beautiful name, by the way!),
      I miss that kind of radio as well.
      The days of local programs (as opposed to syndicated) are dwindling. Most radio stations are near or in bankruptcy.
      Please check out my Hidden Headlines Podcasts. They are one way I’m keeping a foot in the game.
      Very best regards,

  5. Julia says

    Brian, Thank you for putting together an article about Ashli. I was there that day and I was in the back of the Capitol outside and a stranger close to me told me a person had been shot in the building and I said back to the woman that it couldn’t be true because there was absolutely no signs of excitement or a sense of emergency. It was calm and pretty quiet in terms of sirens. When I arrived home and saw the news on the net I was shocked and saddened. The video of Ashli as she was shot sickened me and is in my memory and I think of her often. The media has not said much and the lack of sympathy or outrage is awful. It is very sick of the msm to ignore and or use victims to spread their hateful and evil agenda nowadays. Anyway, I just needed to say that and again thank you for acknowledging her and her family. God Bless you. Julia Pratt.

  6. Brian Sussman says

    Your personal testimony of what occurred is powerful.
    This is an all-out propaganda war against people like us.
    We must stand together!
    God bless you for taking a stand and being an American patriot!

  7. Bob Olsen says

    I am still saddened by the loss of Rush today. The various video and print tributes bring a tear to my eye, yet knowing the impact of the man, I can be joyous that his life was such a positive for so many people.

    I remember in 1989 a friend told me about his program on “talk radio” out of Sacramento. I said talk radio? I don’t listen to that stuff. Radio certainly wasn’t what it is today. Because of Rush’s trailblazing it has been completely transformed. Then it was one sided liberalism or local boring community service talk. I wasn’t receptive, so my friend made cassette tapes of the show and he only included topics he knew I’d be interested in hearing. I was astounded at what I’d heard! Rush overcame my skepticism toward radio, it took only the opening monologue for me to be hooked to his show.

    I ended up taping it each day and listening faithfully over the years when I’d exercise and during my breaks at work. And the show with the humor and the solid intellectual content made understandable for Rush’s listeners really fit the bill. There was so much variability and fun in his broadcasts. And like with any show, it changed over the years reflecting the changes in Rush’s life. I noticed a ‘softening’ of his personal presentation. Probably reflective of the aging process, the wisdom he gained with experience and the trials he had overcome. Such a pleasure to listen to each day. His program was always fresh, true and entertaining. He was such a great person and a great broadcaster. It was like listening to a friend. I’ve been there throughout his television show, the struggles with his hearing and his medical challenges over the years. Last year when he announced his lung cancer I was saddened and prayed he would recover. I really didn’t expect him to continue his broadcasts, yet he did them when he could. He didn’t have to do that. Sure, he loved radio, but he he could have resigned and lived his last year with his family and friends in as much comfort as possible, but he didn’t. He chose to share his talent on loan from God for his beloved listeners. He stayed with us for a year and is now beyond the veil. I’m fortunate to have counted myself as one of his listeners and his impact on the society for good has been solidified. I too, was gladdened to know of his pronouncement of his faith in Jesus during one of his broadcasts last year.

    And thank you Brian for continuing your involvement in our controlled media.

    • Brian Sussman says

      What great comments, Bob.
      Talk radio (actually radio in general) is having a very tough time right now (advertising revenue is in the tank).
      With Rush’s absence I’m not sure that stations like KSFO (which at one time was the TOP conservative station in the USA) will make it.
      Thanks for checking in, and don’t be a stranger.

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