The Left Unleashed: Special Podcast

Pro-Abortion radicals have been unleashed to attack the sacred institutions designed by God for a civil society: the traditional family, our constitutional republic, and the Bible believing people who compose His church.

Think about it, our children are being taught men can have babies; our brilliant constitutional republic is being dismissed as outdated and in dire need of a makeover that would please Marx, not Madison; and the Christian men and women who compose the church are labeled intolerant haters.

These are perilous times, and the persecution of  Christians in America is beginning to unfurl.

In this special edition of The Brian Sussman Show Podcast I detail the role of these institutions, and discuss why the left is so outraged by the recent Supreme Court leak which could signal the end of Roe v Wade, thus finally putting an end to federal abortion laws in the United States of America.


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Brian Sussman

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  1. Denise Love says

    I believe that Christians are being targeted. Praying for God’s will and protection for the unborn.

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