Why Christians Only Have One Choice in this Election (and it ain’t Joe)

The current battle for the Oval Office has morphed into an all-out war that is dividing friends, family, and devout members of the faith.  This new edition of Hidden Headlines (Episode 69) is especially committed to prove to “Never Trump Christians” that their flag is flying in face of their own deeply help beliefs.

Whether or not Donald Trump is a Christian (and despite the constant assassination of his character), the primary point being made in this podcast is that the policy values that have flowed from the Trump Administration are indeed aligned with Biblical values.

In this podcast you will discover:

  • Some of Joe Biden’s most asinine campaign moments that were downplayed by the elite media.
  • Clearing the record on rumors regarding the stuff Trump supposedly likes in the bedroom.
  • How Team Biden is trying to win evangelical Christian voters.
  • Trump’s amazing first act as President.
  • Trump’s point-by-point record on upholding Christian values.
  • Biden’s proposed (evil) first act as President.
  • How a Never-Trump Christian Pastor saw the light.
  • And more…

Available on this website, or Soundcloud, iTunes, GooglePlay, or wherever you listen to thoughtful (yet often provocative) podcasts.

Brian Sussman

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