Why Does The Left Hate America?

The Left insists, “The American flag stands for hatred, warmongering, and imperialism.”

They teach that, “Our free-market system is responsible for killing and oppressing millions of people.”

They shout, “This country breeds racists and sexists.”


It is if you accept the lies and propaganda from the anti-American Left in our own country. This dismal, distorted view of the greatest, freest nation in history comes from a Left who would rather idolize Marx than Madison,  and Castro more than Jefferson.  These are the people who burn down businesses and destroy property to protest free markets and who fight alongside radical terrorists rather than against them. They trample the Constitution while hiding behind the First Amendment.  Their idea of displaying the American flag is setting it on fire and parading it through the streets.

Yes, this is a Left comprised of people who truly hate their country, and they will stop at nothing to tear her down—smashing our liberty in the process.

Kevin Hart is a popular comedian, and seems to be a nice enough guy, but he wasn’t joking when he told The New York Times that, “You’re witnessing white power and white privilege at an all-time high.”

Again, really? If that were true, why would so many Black people come to America from Africa and the Caribbean? Don’t they know what Hart and white progressive elites keep telling us: that America suffers from systemic racism and white supremacy?

But how bad can a country really be, these leftists might want to ask themselves, if it allows its citizens to publicly denounce it, with no fear of being sent to an American gulag? Try that in China and, you’ll be lucky if you don’t wind up dead or behind bars. At the least you’ll find yourself in a “reeducation camp.”

According the Gallup, America is one of the least racist countries in the world, far behind Egypt (ranked No. 1), Russia (No. 4), Japan (No. 9).

In wealth, America is in the top few if you leave out the fortuitous wealth of small oil countries like Qatar and Kuwait. Wealth does not make a country good, but poverty can certainly make it bad.

In economic freedom, America ranks fourth out of 162 countries. Socialist paradise Venezuela ranks dead last. Huh, go figure.

Americans have won the most Nobel Prizes. In fact, we’ve won nearly triple the number of the second-highest country, and about the same number as countries second through sixth combined.

But never mind all that.

Elon Musk sparked a firestorm in April by tweeting a meme that calls out the radical drift of left-wing politics in America, showing how the rise of the ultra-left has made people like him suddenly seem right-of-center though their views haven’t changed.

Why the uproar? Because the meme is spot on. As Musk explained in a follow-up, “I strongly supported Obama for president, but today’s Democratic Party has been hijacked by extremists.”

The American left has, over the past decade and a half, gone insane. I believe it’s actually spiritually motivated.

I talk about this in my current podcast, #142 Why The Left Hates America.

Friends, we can’t remain on the sideline. Faith, family, and freedom are under attack. Truly the real ache in the hearts of leaders on the Left is a hole in their hearts that can only be filled with the Love of Jesus.

Brian Sussman

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