Epic Story of the Day – HUGE Victory for LIFE

 It’s amazing how this story has been buried by most of the news media (including FoxNews).  In this video I’m sharing my joy as a pro-lifer who is partying and praising God because someone in Washington D.C. finally had the spine to DEFUND Planned Parenthood!

I stand by my claims in this video: the origins of Planned Parenthood are absolutely racist and pure evil.

If the liberal pro-aborts are so hell-bent on protecting “women’s health,” then they should take out their checkbooks and make up for the loss of taxpayer dollars.

My original post with more details is here: https://www.briansussman.com/news/pro-life-trump-administration-delivers-huge-victory/

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Brian Sussman

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  1. James says

    I couldn’t get in earlier so here it is. Trumps has more probes than Stormy Daniels ever dreamed about! And now ima hang up on my self sorta. Bye

  2. Laurie De Seguirant says

    Thank you. I too am compelled – first by the Word of God and then by my moral compass, to firmly stand in opposition to Planned Parenthood. My heart aches for the 1% who are with child as a result of incest or rape, the 12% who’s health is so compromised that giving birth could result in their death. Nevertheless, LIFE is a blessing. The unborn child remains a blessing from God even if he or she is the result of the worst of events. I want to bring to your attention the Valley Pregnancy Center. It too is an EPIC STORY OF THE DAY! I invite you to invest a few moments of your time to see what the Godly alternative is. I have no connection with Valley other than to be a silent contributor to their cause. I believe, however, that their loving outreach to the woman AND THE MAN is unparalleled. Your heart will be blessed if you visit with them.

    Bri, I have a love for you that is Holy Spirit inspired. I pray for you and your family and your Team at the station.

    God bless you and yours,
    Laurie De Seguirant

    Valley Pregnancy Center

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