Nashville Shooting: an important fact left out of the story

News of Monday’s terrible tragedy at Covenant School, in Nashville, Tennessee, had barely begun to spread before certain politicians began using it as a political propaganda.

It’s always a shame when elected officials “never let a crisis go to waste.” Members of congress immediately began using the murders of three children and three adults as a rallying cry against the Second Amendment right to bear arms. It was actually a time to weep, mourn, and comfort the hurting.

However, these leaders missed an increasingly alarming similarity mass shooters in this country have shared in recent years.

As commentator Benny Johnson pointed out in a Twitter post, four of the killers held, well, I’ll just say  “non-traditional” orientations.

Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk saw the Tweet and brought attention to it by replying with no words, only an exclamation point.

We must pray, not just for the families of those who perished in this attack, but also for our younger generations; so many are lost souls living in dysfunctional environments, and overwhelmed with a bombardment of social propaganda.

America–and this world–needs a spiritual reboot. “A Jesus Revolution” as Kelsey Grammar says in his latest film.

Brian Sussman

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