UPDATE: Social Security and Medicare are set to go insolvent in 16-years; but it doesn’t matter because AOC says we’ll all be dead from global warming in 12-years

This week on The KSFO Morning Show’s Whistle-Blower Wednesday edition, we heard from a caller named Dave, in San Mateo, who brought forth the punchline of week.

Katie Green and I were discussing the financial future of Social Security, which looks grim.  At the current pace the Social Security Trust Fund will be financially upside-down by 2035.  This means the program would be forced to impose across-the-board cuts of 20 percent to all beneficiaries.

Adding to the problem is the fact that no one in Congress is proposing a fix.

That’s when Dave called-in.

“Dave in San Mateo, you’re on the air.”

“Yeah, Brian and Katie, I know you just said Social Security will be insolvent in 16-years, but what’s the big deal?  Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says because of climate change the planet only has 12 more years, so we’ll all be dead by then.”

And then, like a perfect caller, Dave hung-up on himself.

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