The Leading Ass

Democrats can’t hide the fact that the icon of their party is a donkey—an ass.

And when it comes to their positions on the issues of the day, some could argue that their brains seem to be stuck in a portion of their anatomy that is void of illumination—a place on the body that rhymes with…pass.

Tonight the Democrats’ leading ass, President Obama, will speak to the nation about his plan to revive the economy.  The plan will involve more government spending–period. Only one as stubborn as a donkey would continue to trot out such a scheme, given that to date such machinations have done nothing but run up our nation debt, kill job creation, devalue the dollar, and foment a climate of economic uncertainty.

Contrast Obama’s speech to the Republican debate Wednesday night.  The GOP candidates spoke of limited government, employing Constitutional principles, reducing federal spending, and restructuring social security. These are thoughtful ideas that are rooted in common sense.

The coming election is going to be a choice between ideological, socialist, liberty-sucking ideas coming from the donkey party, and a platform rooted in the Constitution that will move us toward Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as heralded by the Republican party.

Only a dumb ass could make the wrong choice.

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Brian Sussman

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