NO FEAR: Happy New Year! 5782

Friends, we have now entered a new year on the world’s original calendar (the Hebrew Calendar) : 5782.

These are perilous times in which we live, yet very exciting times. But I sense something is stirring.

I  believe we are about to see MILLIONS of people (perhaps even you?) come to know the truth that Jesus is indeed Savior and soon coming King.  In fact, from my personal experience many are awakening to this truth even now!

As the Biden administration continues it’s overt ungodly agenda, as US citizens continue to roll over and allow themselves to become slaves to big government, big tech and big education; as families are torn apart by COVID protocols; as violent radical muslims expand their territory; as communism is accepted in more and more places around the globe–I see so many people saying in their hearts, “This is not just insane, it EVIL!”

These people are being drawn into the truth that Jesus is Lord, that He loves them, that He (and only He) can forgive all their sins and cleanse them of all unrighteousness, that He can give them the power and courage in these precarious times to STAND firm in their beliefs.

Did I just describe you?

Perhaps my (free) daily devotional would be a good help?  They are 15-minute podcasts where I share a quick message from the Bible. Just search for Brian Sussman’s Another Chance Podcast wherever you listen to your favorites podcasts. Or you can listen to them on this website, or on my launching platform (SoundCloud.) The first ten episodes are actually stories of people I know who have experienced incredible life situations that finally brought them into an abiding trust in the Lord Jesus.

God bless YOU!

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