Fight For Trump – THIS IS NOT OVER

Early this morning, at 1:42AM, President Donald Trump gave us a tremendous shot of encouragement, letting us know THIS ISN’T OVER.

He re-tweeted a video that is powerful.

The video reminds us that there is NO WAY Joe Biden could have won this past election–there was simply no enthusiasm for his ticket. As I anecdotally shared in previous posts, I reside in two of the most liberal counties in America: San Francisco and Santa Cruz, California. One had to look very hard to see a Biden/Harris bumper sticker or a Biden/Harris yard sign. Back when Hillary and Obama were running, those stickers and signers were EVERYWHERE. But when we saw Trump rallies in Beverly Hills? Oh my gosh! The enthusiasm gap between Trump and Biden was monstrous.

Check out this video. Trump and team has something up their sleeves. THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE!

President Trump Releases Video – ‘FIGHT FOR TRUMP – SAVE AMERICA – SAVE THE WORLD’

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Brian Sussman

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