Brian on the Radio!

Just a reminder that I am on the radio every Friday!

The program, Straight Talk Sedona, airs live in Northern Arizona from 8:15AM to 9AM. You may listen live, via the KAZM website, or by way of the recorded podcast, which is found at the Straight Talk website.

Straight Talk is produced by Cara Mia, a dear friend and fellow patriot. Cara and I have known each other since our high school days; her late brother, Carl, was one of my best friends.

Straight Talk has become a very influential program in Northern Arizona (and is driving the liberal leadership of that area batty).  Besides commenting on the hard hitting news of the week, we interview top-shelf guests who bring tremendous insight and intrigue into the headlines.  The Straight Talk website will keep you up to date with show topics and guests.

Hope you will join us, every Friday live on KAZM, or anytime via the super popular podcast!

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Brian Sussman

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  1. Kathy says

    Hi Brian,
    Not sure if you’re still active because I’m
    finding stuff on the KSFO website that doesn’t seem right, like your podcast and an RSS feed??
    Anyway, I used to listen to you and Lee Rogers and Melanie Morgan way back in the 90s, I think.
    With KGO having all the power and the Mexican station interfering with your early morning show, I finally gave up.
    I just couldn’t hear it anymore.
    Can you believe how far things have gone since those days?
    Kathy in Santa Cruz

    • Brian Sussman says

      Nice to hear from you, Kathy.
      I actually may start doing some fill-in stuff on KSCO this year, just for grins. I worked at the station one summer during college break.

  2. Dave Bakke says

    Hey Brian… did Katie Green ever give you your personally engraved KFSO 560 Hot Talk Insulated Water Bottle? Haven’t heard from Katie in a long time. Hopefully things are going well with you and your family. Miss you guys not being on the air any longer…

    • Brian Sussman says

      Thanks, Dave. I need to get that updated.
      Good news is, you are not missing anything as there is no monthly newsletter (doh!).
      Very best regards,

  3. Mark says


    I just heard that you have an hour on KSFO Wednesday nights. I hope that means your health is better these days.

    Best regards to brother […Brad…], and Katie and Sheri when you get to talk to them.

    Looking forward to listening in on Wednesday evenings.


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