Brian Sussman Show Podcast #110 – Build Back Better?: Biden’s Plan to Undermine the Family

It’s another attempt by the left to undermine what remains of the traditional (Bible-based) family: Biden’s $1.8 Trillion “Build Back Better” Infrastructure bill.

This monster spending spree is not about roads, bridges, and dams. The bulk of this bill’s price tag goes toward bureaucracy and social engineering, like the hundreds of millions towards pre-kindergarten public education.

Experts tells us such a plan will only create more eventual government dependency as the roles of mom and dad and are further diminished; after all, the government would have their kids for more of the day than they would.

This plan, of course, will also encourage more government-dependent single mothers to have more kids and receive more freebies without a father present.

The big questions are, what is the real definition of family and why is the family unit so important to the proper functioning of society?

Also in this episode I have some shocking stats on how pre-school is more expensive than college, and how long it takes for professional athletes to go broke.

Take a listen:

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