The BANNED Video Trailer – See It HERE

The fate of our Republic hangs in the balance.

China’s plan for world domination by 2049 (their 100th anniversary under communism) was sorely set back with the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America.

They can’t afford him a second term; even more so, we can’t afford Biden and Harris to occupy the White House.

This One Minute Trailer was too hot too handle for YouTube. It didn’t meet their “standards.” They claim it was “violent.”

However, you can see it here:

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Brian Sussman

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  1. Jeremy Morrill says

    Hey Brian I loved listening to you on ksfo and miss the mornings without you and Katie. You’re site has given me some hope in this stressful time. I am disappointed in the other so called conservative info sites we need some real information and please keep us informed on what we need to hear!! God bless!! I’m a fellow musician and would love to see you play live with one of you’re bands if we are ever allowed to again

    • Brian Sussman says

      Thanks, Jeremy.
      I’m also on Rumble now as well as Parler. Facebook continues to throttle me, twitter banned me, and YouTube is beginning to do the same.
      Challenging times, but I remain cheerful.
      Notice your SantaCruz email handle. I’m spending more time down there these days. A little less COVID restrictions.

      • Jeremy Morrill says

        Hey Brian thanks for responding I can’t believe what a joke the big tech censors are these days. God forbid we have an opinion! I’m glad to hear about some new sites to get the word out. That’s awesome you’re spending in Santa Cruz I recall the awesome Mrs Sussman grew up in SC. Also I remember you telling a story about Jack O’Neill and you’re father-in-law we’re pals. I’m a transplant from the east bay 10 years ago I move to Boulder Creek my wife attended UCSC and I saw an opportunity to move to a beautiful place. Our home was spared during the recent fire but the region was hit hard as you know. The Santa Cruz x is my small excavation business I think my website is down must be because I’m registered as a republican LOL. I hope to help some of my friends and neighbors with the rebuild process if we can get through all the red tape. The last thing we needed was this fraud election on top of all the other garbage. I hope and pray that good will prevail as you say but we are going to have to fight back.
        How is you’re family? Brother brad and you’re mom I believe they are in Michigan.
        I will hang up on myself!!

        • Brian Sussman says

          Great to read your response, Jeremy.
          I’m just appalled by all the people who don’t understand what’s at stake!
          Let’s stay in touch.

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